UU Chalice with Hands Image for Word Art

The following image was originally designed for a New England Leadership School t-shirt.  Featuring the hands of the Rev. Amy Freedman and Peter Bowden, this image has become a favorite graphic and basis for making UU word art. Joy Berry, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, was the first to create amazing word art from this … Continue reading UU Chalice with Hands Image for Word Art

DIY Pumpkin Chalice!

This all started when we added a fun candle with a spider design to our home chalice.  After saying grace and lighting the chalice, Peter commented how much he liked our Halloween-themed candle.  Then, a flash of inspiration crossed his face.  "I have an idea!  What if we made a chalice out of a pumpkin?"  … Continue reading DIY Pumpkin Chalice!