UU Chalice with Hands Image for Word Art

The following image was originally designed for a New England Leadership School t-shirt.  Featuring the hands of the Rev. Amy Freedman and Peter Bowden, this image has become a favorite graphic and basis for making UU word art.

UU Chalice with Hands
“UU Chalice with Hands” by Peter Bowden and Amy Freedman

Joy Berry, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, was the first to create amazing word art from this image. Thanks to Joy for so generously sharing her idea and process!

You can generate your own for free at http://wordart.com.  Purchase credits to download high resolution files to print larger posters.  Use the color and background controls to try different styles.  The hands are negative space controlled by the background color you select. Examples:

UU Chalice Word Art by Joy Berry
UU Chalice Word Art by Joy Berry






UU Emoji Coloring Page

This year at First Parish in Concord where I serve as the Minister of Religious Education we have a table with coloring pages during Coffee Hour.  It is a wonderful gathering place for kids, parents and friends. Peter Bowden regularly makes fun coloring pages and mazes for us.  Now, you can download one of the of the favorite coloring pages filled with Emojis and Chalices!



“I Am Thankful For” Activity Sheet

“I am THANKFUL for…” This open-ended activity page allows people of all ages and abilities to write words, draw pictures or both.  This page can be a fun way for families, religious education classes or small groups to reflect on gratitude or to use as a springboard for sharing.  Perfect for Thanksgiving gatherings!  FREE to download in color or black and white.

Download Activity Sheets:


I Am Thankful For  Worksheet - No Chalices Version PDF
Not UU? Here is a “No Chalices” version
"I Am Thankful For" Activity Sheet Preview
Alice the Chalice “I am THANKFUL for…” worksheet

Standing on the Side of Love message for all ages

The following message for all ages was delivered at First Church in Boston, MA on January 12, 2014 during our Standing on the Side of Love “Courageous Love” service.

You are welcome to use this message in your congregation. Download script here (DOC).

Cast in order of appearance:
The Rev. Amy Freedman, Consulting Minister, First Church Boston
David Ruffin, ministerial intern, First Church Boston
Schuyler Vogel, ministerial intern, First Church Boston

Written by the Rev. Amy Freedman and Peter Bowden

Alice the Chalice cardboard tube craft project!


  • Print Alice the Chalice project template page. Select black and white  to color in yourself  (or photocopy) or use a pre-colored template.
    Black and White (PDF) 
    Pre-Colored Blue (PDF)
  • toilet paper tube / cardboard tube
  • crayons or markers
  • scissors
  • glue or a glue stick


  1. Print black and white or color template.
  2. Color the Alice the Chalice template pieces – body, face, base and flame.
  3. Cut out pieces.
  4. Glue the rectangular body piece around the tube to cover it.
  5. Glue the face piece onto the top of the tube.
  6. Glue the base piece at the bottom of the tube.
  7. Insert the flame into the top of the tube