UU Chalice with Hands Image for Word Art

The following image was originally designed for a New England Leadership School t-shirt.  Featuring the hands of the Rev. Amy Freedman and Peter Bowden, this image has become a favorite graphic and basis for making UU word art.

UU Chalice with Hands
“UU Chalice with Hands” by Peter Bowden and Amy Freedman

Joy Berry, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, was the first to create amazing word art from this image. Thanks to Joy for so generously sharing her idea and process!

You can generate your own for free at http://wordart.com.  Purchase credits to download high resolution files to print larger posters.  Use the color and background controls to try different styles.  The hands are negative space controlled by the background color you select. Examples:

UU Chalice Word Art by Joy Berry
UU Chalice Word Art by Joy Berry






2 thoughts on “UU Chalice with Hands Image for Word Art

  1. Reblogged this on UU PLANET and commented:

    An image Amy Freedman and I made years ago for a t-shirt has resurfaced as the basis for Unitarian Universalist Word Art! This post shares the original image and website for making your own.

    1. Hello Peter – A Colorado UU here – wondering if I could use the Chalice/Hands image for a new flag design, etc. for my church in Loveland. I am a professional artist/designer/illustrator. I’d use it at the center of a new Summer/Winter Solstice design and make it available somehow to other UU’s to use. Can also send you the design for approval if you’d like. Thanks and blessed be… Trish

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